You can be employed in the mainstream workforce – also known as Open Employment.

Barkuma’s Disability Employment Service (DES) is free for people with disability to access and is not an NDIS support.

We are a specialist DES provider who work with people with Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder, to find and keep long term employment.

Barkuma supports you to start and move through your career journey.

We spend time with you and your family, support you in work experience, assess your skills and find out what you need help with.

We get to know you to ensure you get the job that is right for you so you can live your all.



  • Support to explore what job is right for you
  • Help to prepare for work – transport training, resume writing, interview practice
  • Assistance to apply for jobs and speak with employers
  • Support at job interviews
  • Support you to try the job out first


  • Assistance to set up and organise everything you will need at your new job
  • We learn the job too, and will work alongside you – providing on the job support and training
  • Support to make sure you feel comfortable and understand what you need to know about your job
  • Support to be as independent as possible in your job and work on your own


  • Ongoing Support for as long as you need us
  • Training to learn new skills and tasks
  • Assistance to speak with your employer and Co-Workers
  • Help with any work related issues
  • Support to keep working and earn money


Your first job doesn’t have to be your forever job

We can support you to move from one job to another if you want a change

We will support you to achieve your career goals

Barkuma is here if you ever want to climb the job ladder, reskill, or have a complete career change. We can help you develop your career goals, find out what’s needed and help you search for that next step.


This service is free for people with disability to access and is not an NDIS support.

Barkuma will assist you through the registration process – it’s easy!

Contact us today to start your career journey.

Contact the DES team on 8414 7100 to speak with us

“I just like coming here, meeting different co-workers, the customers are always nice. It’s good having that support from Barkuma. That way if you have any trouble at work, and you don’t feel comfortable talking to your boss, Barkuma is there.”