Enhancing Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility with Barkuma Commercial Services

14th July, 2023

Barkuma, a disability provider, offers a special chance for South Australian businesses to meet the growing need for responsible corporate governance. Businesses can partner with Barkuma social enterprise to fulfill their manufacturing and packaging requirements and support social and environmental responsibility and CSR initiatives.

Our services support start-ups, small businesses, and home businesses in Adelaide’s north. We also promote inclusive employment and sustainable practices. At Barkuma, we take a socially responsible approach to short-run manufacturing and packaging solutions. By using our services, your business helps create jobs for people with intellectual disabilities and guarantees reliable and excellent results.

We specialise in providing customised packaging and assembly solutions that efficiently meet your business’s unique needs while embracing sustainable practices.

We take pride in our partnerships with local businesses and organisations. Through our collaboration with Vinnies, we repurpose old clothing into rags, creating a circular economy and supplying them to local businesses. Our confidential document shredding and cardboard shredding services annually save over 160 tonnes of paper from ending up in landfills.

Moreover, we actively educate commercial customers about the positive social impact of employing people with disabilities. We also offer upskilling opportunities to our supported employees, equipping them for potential open employment. Additionally, we prioritise purchasing from and promoting Indigenous suppliers of stationery and cleaning products.

Barkuma Commercial Services - BCS

Barkuma Commercial Services - BCS

Partnering with Barkuma means aligning with our social responsibility goals. We strive to help more people with disabilities find jobs and educate businesses about the advantages of hiring them.

Our collaborations have led to significant improvements in social responsibility practices for our clients. KI Olives and Silvan Australia are notable examples. By fully outsourcing their services to Barkuma, these businesses have provided employment opportunities for people with disabilities, demonstrating the transformative power of Barkuma’s partnership and reinforcing the idea that embracing social responsibility can lead to positive outcomes for both businesses and society.

Barkuma’s presence in Adelaide’s northern region provides valuable support to businesses in the area. A partnership with us contributes to the local economy and creates meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our socially responsible manufacturing approach fosters inclusivity and diversity, benefiting the broader community. Your business can establish itself as a champion of social and environmental responsibility, making positive impact within your local area. Showing “Packed by Barkuma” on your items lets you inform clients and show your dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

Barkuma Commercial Services - BCS

Want to know more about how a partnership with Barkuma can enable your business to make a difference while achieving its goals?

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