Chloe Taylor

Chloe is 18 years old and loves to express herself through art. She has used her art as an outlet during times of stress and enjoys drawing and trying new techniques. The piece that Chloe has chosen to enter into the exhibit was a gift to her friend inspired by her beloved baby, a ragdoll cat named Max. It was created on a canvas with acrylic paint, and Chloe experimented using coloured pencils to add texture to the fur.


My art is an outlet for me to express my creativity.  I like using oil pastel because I get to enjoy getting hands on  smudging the colours.

Ruth Elliot

My name is Ruth and I love drawing digital pictures of animals and flowers using watercolour brushes in photoshop.

Shelbie Baker

Shelbie is a passionate photographer who loves capturing animals and sunsets.

Utopia Jewer

Utopia has drawn a picture of a favourite TV character using pencil.

Christian Fechner-Gacesa

Christian is a passionate artist with a love for creating new characters and drawing existing characters from the Sonic and Transformers universes. Christian uses pencils and markers to create with.

Ashton Paull

Ashton has chosen fabric for his artwork.  Ashton designed and created an original doll. Ashton also produced a step by step guide on how he made his creation.

Lance Clarke

Lance loves painting and works on new pieces all the time.  He works with acrylic paint, pencils and markers to create with.

James Wells

James used pencil and markers to create an artwork representing a favourite brand of his.