Barkuma’s New Way of Including Everyone’s Voices

21st May, 2024

People with disabilities to help make decisions relating to Barkuma

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Barkuma is starting to do things differently to make sure everyone gets a chance to share their ideas, especially people with disabilities. Barkuma CEO, Simon Rowberry, believes it’s really important for people with disabilities to help make decisions relating to Barkuma.

Why This Matters

This new way of doing things is good for Barkuma because it lets everyone share their ideas and experiences. It makes Barkuma better at understanding and meeting the needs of its clients and staff who have disabilities. It also makes sure Barkuma is fair and open about how it makes decisions, focusing on what’s best for the community it serves. By giving people with disabilities a chance to lead, Barkuma is helping make the world a more equal and inclusive place.

Some Hurdles Along the Way

Changing things hasn’t been easy. Simon mentioned they tried to find people with disabilities to join their board but couldn’t find the right fit in time for their annual meeting. So, they started a special program to help someone get ready to be a board member by letting them watch and learn for a year.

Goals of the Program

The idea is to help someone learn all about being a board member through this program. They can go to meetings, get advice, and use educational resources. Barkuma hopes to prepare them for a board position either with Barkuma or another group in the future. Right now, they’re pretty open about who can join the program, but they plan to set up specific rules that match what Barkuma believes in.

Getting Everyone Involved

Barkuma is also making sure to listen to its customers in many different ways. They have regular meetings where customers can give their opinions on how things are done. They started Barkuma Voice Groups three years ago to take customer feedback directly to the leaders. They want to increase these groups and let participants help review policies and develop new ways of doing things together. This shows Barkuma’s commitment to really listening and making changes based on what their customers think.

Looking Ahead

Barkuma’s dream is to not just develop leaders within their own group but also in the wider world of disability support. They’re focused on including everyone and working together to make decisions. By helping develop leaders who value diversity and working together, Barkuma hopes to make a big positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities.

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