Inclusivity and Excellence: Barkuma’s Commercial Services

14th September, 2023

With over 50 years of experience, Barkuma has carved a niche as a trusted name in commercial services.  We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality and tailored solutions, and we are committed to disability employment and inclusivity.

We provide packaging, assembly, quality assurance, quality rework, inventory management, confidential document destruction, gardening, and other business services. At Barkuma Commercial Services, we are constantly improving our services to businesses and to our supported employees. If your business or organisation is looking to implement your corporate Social Responsibility Policy, Environmental Social Governance Policy or Disability Inclusion Plan, then look no further, Barkuma is your Social Impact Partner.

All the products assembled or packaged at Barkuma Commercial Services are socially impactful products. Each of these products provides employment for people with disabilities. Our dedicated teams can customise our services to meet your individual business and product needs.

David Green, Business Development Manager at Barkuma, is proud of the Barkuma difference.

“We lead the industry with our supervisor-to-staff ratios, which ensure productivity and safety.  We deliver jobs in the time we say we will, by putting the right people and skill sets with the right work. Matching the best interests of our commercial customers with the best interests of our clients is the Barkuma difference.”

David adds that Barkuma offers specialist workers who are highly skilled in processing some of South Australia’s finest produce, all in accredited facilities.

“The success in what we do is evident by the long-term and mutually beneficial relationships we have with our business partners – like Ennio International and Native Indulgence. And we’re excited to enter into a two-year partnership with Promat.”

Our Team

Barkuma’s 150 supported employees are the backbone of our Commercial Services operations. They are supported by a strong team of staff that includes production managers, team leaders, production supervisors, client services case managers, and peer supervisors.  When you partner with Barkuma, you actively support inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Quality Endorsed and HACCP Certified:

Barkuma Commercial Services proudly holds Quality Endorsed and HACCP certifications. These certifications not only underscore our dedication to delivering excellence but also signal our commitment to creating an inclusive workforce. We prioritise quality, safety and compliance, ensuring that your business is in capable and inclusive hands.

Tailored Inclusive Solutions

At Barkuma, we celebrate the uniqueness of every business and individual. Our dedicated teams are adept at identifying needs and customising our services to meet your business and product requirements. “We are experts at finding the needs within your company, streamlining your production process, and freeing up your time to focus on what you do best,” said David.

Barkuma’s commercial services solutions include:


Our HACCP Certified team excels in handling your food and cosmetic packaging requirements. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to meet the needs of the food and cosmetic industry, including filling, weighing, sorting, packaging and labelling.


Precise and efficient product preparation, general packaging, labelling, mailouts and promotion items, quality rework and sorting.


Barkuma works with large organisations, small businesses and those working from home to destroy sensitive information securely, permanently, and in a compliant manner. Last year, Barkuma recycled 81 tonnes of paper and cardboard on behalf of our partners.


Barkuma works with Vinnies to re-purpose clothing and textiles that are not suitable to on-sell in op shops to remove 6.2 tonnes of unwanted clothing from landfill every year. We sell industrial rags to manufacturing, retail, hospitality and more. They are cut to various sizes, and are perfect for a range of settings.


Beyond our core commercial services, Barkuma offers gardening services. Our inclusive Gardening team is available five days a week to meet your needs while making a positive impact on the community.

What our partners say

“Our partnership with Barkuma is excellent.  We run up to three lines, depending on the season. The team at Barkuma is passionate and dedicated, from team leaders to forklift drivers. There are no issues at all – they’re great. I’d highly recommend Barkuma to anyone considering it. It’s not just about running a successful global business; it’s also heartwarming to know we’re contributing to their purpose.”  Jack,  Managing Director, Native Indulgence

“Ennio International is a third-generation family-owned textile manufacturer specialising in meat industry packaging. We have partnered with Barkuma since 2017. Barkuma’s HACCP accreditation ensures top-quality products for our meat industry customers. We highly recommend working with Barkuma due to their wonderful staff, clean facility, flexibility and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.”  Mary, Export Manager at Ennio International

Are you our next Barkuma Commercial Services partner?

By choosing Barkuma Commercial Services, you’re not only making a smart business decision but also participating in building a more inclusive and diverse workforce.  Through both short and long-term partnerships, you can unlock success for your business while empowering individuals with disabilities, and together, we can make a meaningful difference.

If you want to benefit from Barkuma’s Commercial Services and make a positive social impact, then we’d love to hear from you.

Visit or phone us on (08) 8414 7100