Transition Graduation 2023

28th November, 2023

Empowering Futures: A Glorious Evening at Barkuma’s Transition Program Graduation

In a night filled with joy and inspiration, Barkuma proudly celebrated the graduation of 28 remarkable individuals from its Transition Program. The event, held to honour the hard work and dedication of these students, also spotlighted the collaborative effort that fuels success in this unique initiative.

A Steadfast Commitment to Quality Support

As the landscape of disability services continues to evolve, Barkuma remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-quality support. At the heart of these efforts lies the Transition Program, a beacon of assistance tailored for final-year students with disabilities navigating the path from school to the workforce.

Despite facing challenges, including the cessation of government funding in 2019, Barkuma has self-funded the Transition Program for the past four years. This financial commitment underscores the organisation’s dedication to providing choices for students, families, and schools. The program not only serves as a bridge between school and employment but also offers students the opportunity to gain nationally recognised vocational qualifications and credits towards their SACE.

A Symbolic Culmination of Personal Growth

The Graduation Ceremony served as a symbolic culmination of the students’ efforts and personal growth throughout the program. More than a mere celebration of achievements, it was a moment to acknowledge the obstacles overcome, goals set, and the confidence gained—essential elements for the journey ahead.

This year’s graduates, representing 16 different schools across Government, Catholic, and Independent sectors, exemplify the diversity and inclusivity at the core of the Transition Program. Heartfelt thanks were extended to the teachers, schools, and families who played integral roles in supporting these students on their unique journeys.

Dedicated Trainers and Vital Partnerships

Integral to the success of the Transition Program are the dedicated trainers who work tirelessly to build trusting relationships with the students. Barkuma’s success is intricately woven into partnerships with schools, associations, Registered Training Organisations, and Employers. A special acknowledgment was extended to Catholic Education South Australia for their extraordinary support.

The ongoing support from the Adelaide Convention Centre, providing employment opportunities for DES clients, and hosting the event at no cost, was highlighted. StreetFleet’s sponsorship of the Transition Program was also recognised with sincere thanks.

Lucy Cornes, the evening’s exceptional Master of Ceremonies, received special recognition. Lucy generously donates her time and expertise to host this event and has been a devoted Barkuma ambassador for many years.

Celebrating Achievements and Diverse Paths Ahead

This year’s graduates have already achieved significant milestones: 3 are working independently, 5 have joined Barkuma’s DES for mainstream employment support, 19 have chosen Barkuma’s School Leaver Employment Supports to build their employability skills, and one has chosen to return to school. These varied paths are a testament to the program’s effectiveness in supporting diverse futures.

As these graduates embark on the journey ahead, they do so with the support of family, friends, school communities, and the entire Barkuma team. The event was a celebration of their success and a testament to the bright futures that undoubtedly lie ahead for each graduate.