Retirements in the factories

19th March, 2021

Louise has worked for Barkuma for over 30 years, starting at the Campbelltown factory, then moving to the new Holden Hill premises and eventually transferring to the Elizabeth factory after her move out of home and into supported accommodation in Gawler.  During her years at Barkuma, Louise has developed close friendships with co-workers and has always enjoyed chats with staff about what she has been doing outside of work.  Louise has had the opportunity to learn and participate in lots of different jobs, but has particularly enjoyed working in the shredding area, sorting and preparing documents for shredding.   Louise has also been involved in the cooking group at Elizabeth which she always looked forward to.   Louise always took her job serious and wasn’t shy of telling her peers to get on with their work as well.  Louise will be missed by her co-workers and supervisors at Elizabeth.

Beryl has worked for Barkuma for 18 years, she has seen Barkuma transition from Campbelltown to Holden Hill, and has worked across all contracts during this time, Bellis, Clipsal, GMH, Cosmetics, and all things HACCP, Beryl is always motivated and happy to help where ever her skill is required.   Beryl is passionate about her work, and she has been known to give the younger employees a few lessons along the way about work conduct, quality, productivity modelling a strong work ethic.  Beryl has made some good friends over the years and will continue to stay in touch.  Beryl’s smile and friendly demeanour will be missed by all, we wish her all the best.